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Signature Plastic-Free Packaging

Signature Plastic-Free Packaging

From the Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch, to our overflowing landfills, it’s clear we should be using less plastic. According to EcoWatch, enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the Earth four times.

We go to great lengths to teach people about the down-side of purchasing the single-use plastic goods and packages that fill the shelves of stores across our country. We introduce our customers to reusable home goods that are made to last; handcrafted with only the highest quality, non-toxic materials.

Most companies would stop there. Instead, we’ve chosen to use plastic-free, reusable and recyclable materials in our Signature Packaging.

THE SHOWER CURTAIN LINER features a recyclable Kraft paper and twine package.


Some of our customers find clever ways to reuse all or some of their Kimberly-Carr Signature Packaging. We’d love to see how you are repurposing yours! Send us an email or a picture at