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Water, Water, Everywhere…

In the U.S., a seemingly endless supply of clean, running water has led to a mental disconnect between us and our water supply. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has designated August National Water Quality Month. The month is to remind everyone how each action can impact the nation’s waterways and water supply. As of right now, the EPA reports that 40 percent of the nation’s waterways suffer from water quality problems.

Here are some things you can do to help safeguard the availability of clean drinking water and runoff water:
– Do not use antibacterial soaps or cleaning products.
– Clean your driveway or sidewalks with a broom and not a hose.
– Do not flush outdated or unwanted medications down the toilet or drain.
– Install a rain barrel to collect rainwater. Collected water can be used to water a lawn or wash a car.
– Test soil before applying pesticides or fertilizer. Many common gardening issues can be solved using organic methods.
– Take used oil or antifreeze to a service station or recycling center.
– Adopt a watershed, organize stream cleanups, plant trees, and monitor your home’s water quality.


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